​​​Calgary Acupuncture Health is one of the best places in the city

to get back to a healthy way of living.  Soak yourself in an exquisite atmosphere of color, aroma and sound therapies. A spa indulgence at

an affordable price. In the world of a high pace and overwhelming stress, Calgary Acupuncture Health is an oasis where you can unwind and slowly deepen yourself into your own body, mind and soul. 

Whether you are not sure if acupuncture is right for you or you would like to meet Dr. Ivanov to discuss your health state issues - you may call and book a brief interview with Dr. Dmitriy Ivanov. It is  free of charge and there is no obligation.

What we offer you

Every consecutive acupuncture treatment lasts from 30  to 60 minutes depending on the current health issue. The cost of the treatment is only $85. We use different therapeutic modalities such as cupping, ear acupuncture, electrostimulation and more with no extra charge to help our patients feel better as soon as possible. 

For those ones who eager to know themselves better and make real changes in their way of living to stay healthy for the rest of the life - Calgary Acupuncture Health offers a full consultation with examination and initial treatment for just $150.  The comprehensive consultation lasts about one hour. During that time we  go deeply in details into your health history to determine the root of your disease. At the same time an explanation is given on how your body-mind works energy wise. The examination and treatment follows next. Be ready to spend up to two hours for the first session. We will make sure that when you leave you will be enriched with new knowledge and positive experiences.