Dr Dmitriy Ivanov, RAc, TCMD

Dmitriy Ivanov was born in Russia. At the age of 22 years old he obtained a Master degree with honors as a scientist-researcher in a field of optics and laser engineering from Tomsk State University in Russia. During his study at  the university, he became fascinated with the Oriental philosophy. He saw that it could answer many of the questions, which science had failed,  in some cases, to answer. 

An essential part of his new interest became self study of Oriental Medicine and practice of Japanese martial art Aikido.
 In 2001 Dmitriy moved to Calgary. Two years later he began his study of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Alberta College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM). Being one of the top students in his class, Dmitriy received an award and scholarship from the Calgary Association of Acupuncturists. Dmitriy successfully graduated in 2006 earning diplomas for the  Doctor of Acupuncture (RAc)

and the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCMD).
Dr. Ivanov has practiced  for many years helping thousands of patients gain their health back to start enjoying their lives again.

Based on his observations at the clinic and decades of meditation and contemplation Dr. Ivanov developed his own unique approach that is founded on the  principle of body-mind inseparability and it focuses on educational aspect of the treatment. Once the patient's mental and emotional state is changed the disease is not coming back. It is simple and very effective.